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100 VSX User Reviews

VSX is helping users from around the world get the best mixes of their lives. Here's what they have to say.

“I have been doing the best mixes of my life for several months now using VSX. I hate the word game changer, but this thing really is!!!”

- Dom & Roland via Facebook

“I’ve never done better mixes in my whole life. And it’s coming together in a fraction of the time. It’s amazing. I can get the clarity, punch, and fat low end I’ve been trying to achieve for years al ...

- Timo Kreischer via Facebook

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“I can’t even put into words how great these things are. I’m able to hear so much detail in my mixes its unbelievable. I'm not even gonna waste my time trying to explain.. You have to experience for y ...

- Mista Rags via Facebook

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“I did a mix with VSX and gave it to my manager and he said it’s one of the best mixes I’ve ever done.”

- Jay Baumgardner (NRG Studio owner)

"I’ve been using VSX since it got here on Friday and this is honestly the best my mixes have ever sounded 🙏⚡️🔥 I had the NS-10’s on my wish list for a while but I honestly would much rather spend th ...

- @dieresponsibly via Instagram

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“My mixes have been a zillion per cent better now using VSX...This is THE best purchase I've made in about twenty years, seriously... yeah, the VSX system is THAT good!”

- DJTobes via Gearslutz

“I’m pretty lost for words. It’s Amazing. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but with the headphones on, you pretty much forget you have the headphones on and it's as if you’re there, in a room listeni ...

- Adam via YouTube

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“These cans changed my life. After 20 min of tweaking my mix, I had something that sounded perfect on every device I own. Absolutely blown away! After a few minutes I forget I’m wearing them and it ho ...

- Eddie Gore

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“I work at NRG Recording Studios, one of the rooms emulated in this. The translation from our actual room to the plugin is incredible. Take it from someone who works in that room almost everyday.”

- Paul T via Facebook

“Add me to the list of people who are blown away by the VSX. Mine arrived today and while trying them out, I did a rough mix/balance in such a short time. If you are serious about mixing and what you ...

- Rob H via Facebook

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"VSX is a godsend. I can mix all hours, one floor above sleeping kids, and mixes translate. And my listening experience is superb systemwide when using VSX with AudioHijack. Suspend thy skepticism: Th ...

- Biomuse via Gearslutz

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“The bottom end in the CLUB - wow. I realized that I did not want to hear anything in any of my other headphones... It's a winner.”

- Cleon via Sweetwater

“They’re f#%€ing amazing! I have mixed in a room that’s quite similar to NRG and the simulation is uncanny!! It actually put me right back in that room instantly. I could almost smell the SSL console ...

- Josh L via Facebook

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“These things sound miles and miles better than anything I’ve ever put on my head or in my ears. Listening through mixes while the software installed actually gave me goosebumps because everything is ...

- Wynter Prior - Mix Engineer @Sphynx Studios

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“I listened to a reference song I know REALLY well in the SUV setting and almost looked to my right to see who was in the passenger seat.”

- Tim T via Facebook

“You know what the problem with VSX is? I no longer want to mix on my speakers anymore.. VSX is a gamechanger”

- Elijah H via Facebook

“This thing may end up paying for itself by saving me money spent on plugins that I really don't need... best investment I have made”

- Kindafishy via Gearslutz

“VSX with the software sounds excellent. I don't feel like I'm lacking anything sonically from the LCD-1 and in fact I'm gaining all of the room emulations! Slates HD-Linear headphone model frequency ...

- Smackmastering via Gearslutz

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“The term “Game Changer” gets thrown around a lot, but this truly is. The headphones on Linear Mode are now my standard for listening.”

- Mike H via Facebook

“Received mine yesterday and I’m legitimately blown away. Incredible 🔥”

- @andrewjohnson54

“This is a new paradigm in mixing and mastering....It's a unique and very pleasing mix of hearing details like you would with Headphones, but within the context of hearing speakers and cross talk. You ...

- Macaroni via Gearslutz

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“Instant classic, Steven Slate VSX, once you hear them you will never want another set of headphones.”

- Jon W via Facebook

“When you hear the low frequencies the VSX solution can produce, you will be absolutely gobsmacked. I can actually feel the subs!”

- The Oracle via Gearslutz

“This is a no-brainer. If you have an untreated room you're mixing in, I suggest you try this for checking your mixes and informing yourself on what your rooms weak spots are. At this point I'd choose ...

- Ian B via Facebook

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“So I’ve had about an hours use of the VSX so far and it’s looking like it’s going to make me rethink my mixes (which is a good thing as I was never happy with the results so far). I’m hearing bass fl ...

- Paul H via Facebook

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I’m blown away by VSX so far. I actually can’t believe I can produce mixes that sound so good! 🙌🏼.

- Scott J via Facebook

“About a half dozen times while wearing the VSX phones, I was reaching for my monitor controller to mute my studio monitors, mistakenly thinking there was audio coming out of them.”

- Asawiggins via Reddit

“I got mine, just first impression: I kept reaching to turn down my monitors (they were muted the whole time). Tripped me out. It happened like 10 times. My brain kind of couldn’t process what was goi ...

- Thermos via Gearslutz

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“I've never done a mix on Headphones that translated this well and the lowend translation was better than I'm used to with my monitor setup. Also the sibilance was dead on with the vocal, which is som ...

- Dankin via Gearslutz

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“After my first 5 hour session going through my old mixes using the different reference rooms, I can say without hesitation that this is the most important piece of gear that I own. Nothing has ever h ...

- Nathan H via Facebook

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“VSX plays in another league...Headphones are closed so you can use them while travelling, works very well with small USB-powered interfaces. Quality of the room/speaker simulations are really very go ...

- Rernest via Gearslutz

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I am now completely blown away by how accurate 2 mixes I have worked on since yesterday translate across a variety of listening environments, including the dreaded car test. I have not suffered any ea ...

- Robert E via Facebook

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“This is one of the best audio products to come out in years...It’s got unparalleled depth for a headphone.”

- Green Light Sound via YouTube

“Nothing headphone related IMHO came even close to VSX. I would choose VSX over my HD800s anytime and already decided to sell my HD800s in order to purchase one more pair of VSX for location. VSX + Ar ...

- Jantex via Gearslutz

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“Not going to lie best mixes I made have been with these.”

- Joseph M via Facebook

“One of the rare instances where “game changer” is a gross understatement.”

- @imperative.reaction via Instagram

“At one point, I had to take off the VSX headphones because I thought I left my speakers on, but I was wrong! That’s when I knew I was in the zone and the VSX headphone system was doing its magic!”

- Chris C via Facebook

“I will never be able to mix without using Steven Slate Audio VSX at least at some point during the process. I 100% prefer mixing through them versus my iLoud MTMs”

- Aaron G via Facebook

“I just put them on, and it blew my mind for a moment. I put the “Club” on, and then dove for my monitor controller to kill the mains (which were already off). IT *feels* like there’s a sub turned on ...

- Jordan B via Facebook

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“The VSX linear mode is insane, so much more detailed and engaging than my other headphones. PS, I’m selling my Sennheiser HD800s btw that I bought from Coldplay’s bass player if anyone’s interested � ...

- Rik Simpson (Coldplay)

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“I have what I consider a pretty decent setup. Neumann KH310’s with the Neuman sub, running into a Trinnov Sp2 pro...Before I turned on the plug-in I noticed that the headphones sounded extremely clos ...

- Jeff B via Facebook

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“Received mine yesterday and I’m legitimately blown away. Incredible”

- Andrew J via Instagram

“I compared the Audio-Technica model to the actual headphones and I couldn’t tell 1% of a difference.”

- Charles C via Facebook

Went to my car and it was perfect! Perfect!!! Perhaps one of my first one shot mix and master ever! If it continues this way, I won’t have to go back and forth to the car at night back and forth to pe ...

- Bobby B via Facebook

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“I've been mixing with VSX pretty much exclusively for the last month. If someone wants to check out a mix/master done only with the VSX, check out the Gashi/Sting performance from The Tonight Show I ...

- CL-audio via Gearslutz

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“The attention to detail and access to the actual rooms and spaces really shines through. The actual Headphones are great, too.”

- Bgood via Gearslutz

“My favorite part about the VSX Headphones are that I can immediately reference my mix on a range of real-world and professional settings. No more bouncing a mix just to listen to it in the car or str ...

- Kane Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Disturbed)

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“First impressions, simply blown away! Immediately showed issues with bass on one of my tracks...You end up double checking you haven’t actually left the speakers on and are blasting the neighbours, i ...

- Darren T via Facebook

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“I've spent $500,000+ on the totality of my collective gear, and I'm the first to give it up to this $500 product that is doing what they say it does.. totally exceeded my expectations.. my tastes are ...

- dDigitaldruglord via Gearslutz

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“I put the headphones on my head and I don’t remove them till I leave the studio...Now I’m feeling so bad for the 8 headphones and 6 pair of speakers I invested in...Seems I’m gonna sell all.”

- Joe M via Facebook

“It's just SO EASY to find what I want to work on and focus on it and then check it on many different systems and rooms! It's unbelievable!!!! I almost cried listening to how nice it sounds in these r ...

- Sean W via Facebook

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“Setting delays and reverb translate perfectly 😍 I mean everything translates. Shit is just like speakers”

- @thefastaction via Instagram

“After 30 years mixing and mastering as an artist/ freelance producer I thought I've reached a very high level production wise, these headphones have raised the bar EVEN MORE...On the last 5 mixes I'v ...

- Anthony via Facebook

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“I have the Waves AR system and this is in a whole different league. When you switch from near fields, to mid, to far, you really feel like you are in a control room. Steven just killed this!”

- Oceantracks via Gearslutz

“The VSX system is an eye-opener. Whoa. I used the Waves Abbey Road Studios thing in the past and it sorta felt disorienting and more like an effect that obscures things. VSX doesn't behave like that ...

- Maldenfilms via Gearslut

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“This is the 9th album I’ve done with this artist and the first time my mix 1.0 was approved.”

- Rob R via Facebook

“For less than $500 there is nothing that touches the VSX considering what it has to offer. The headphones alone are worth the price tag in my opinion.”

- @lukepimentel via Instagram

“I literally just made the production/mix I’ve been working on 50% better after setting these headphones up.”

- Alex N via Facebook

“I don’t know who needs to hear this...but if you’re on the fence about VSX—do it. You know those viral videos of people getting special glasses that let them see color or the videos of deaf people wh ...

- Rob P via Facebook

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“After spending some time with VSX...should I sell my acoustic panels individually, or as a bundle? And monitors should be sold in pairs, right? 😉”

- Rico R via Facebook

“I’m impressed. I love the Archon Midfields. But it’s also great to switch through the different models. NRG nearfields. Boombox, the club, the e-car are some of my favs. The bass is phenomenal.”

- Alibling via Gearslutz

“I’m sold on these. Did a couple of test mixes last night and just listened to pre VSX and post. Night and day difference. I can hear all sorts of things I was missing. The Howie room really reveals f ...

- Marchhare via Gearslutz

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“After using them for a day, even with my initial concerns with my larger ears, VSX is amazing. Wow. Listened to my old mixes first. Thought they sounded really bad. Terrible even. Wtfpeopleaidme?... ...

- Thomas W via Facebook

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“Seriously these things kick ass and I’m so hyped to work with them and look forward to seeing how my clients react to their mixes and see if there is a big upgrade om their end too. Overall I’m going ...

- Stephen F via Facebook

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““Mine came today. I'm already really happy. This product seems to be an incredible boon to folks like me. After playing around with reference tracks for not that long, I'm already totally sold. I cou ...

- LASTLAVGH via Gearslutz

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“I put on #VSX Archon/Mids, then checked again in the audiophile room. Sure enough the resonance was almost non-existent, but there definitely was some mud around 100hz, and some sub 80hz stuff that V ...

- Yaron K via Facebook

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“Seriously. Being able to mix on dope monitors, then pop in the SUV and go check the bottom in the club is unbelievably useful for EDM. It works.”

- Todd J via Facebook

“First try, right off the bat, my mix came out 100% better... reached to turn my monitors down at least a few times. These headphones and plugin are legit!”

- dvdwn26 via Reddit

“Bro I just got it and it’s crazy how it sounds like these environments...Second mix so far using the VSX and I’m just like 🤩 literally took my mixes to the next level went to the car with the mix ri ...

- Dre MovieMusic Martie via Facebook

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“I'm not going to mess about. VSX is 100% worth it for the Archon ATC (Midfield) setup alone. It sounds very similar to my Kii THREE's. So similar in fact, I grinned like an idiot and decided—after ab ...

- B0se via Gearslutz

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“Nothing in the last 30 years has positively impacted my mixes as much as the Steven Slate Audio VSX system. Forget everything you know about headphones and step into a new world.”

- Claudio C via Facebook

“I did a few mixes the other night solely in VSX and sent them off to the client without checking them on speakers first (a real trial by fire for translation). He loved them, and when I pulled them u ...

- Thermos via Gearslutz

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“A real game changer!! I get to listen to the mix in all the different possibilities of the VSX and see if it holds up. LOVING IT !!!!...”

- Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, Motley Crue, Jonas Brothers)

“I was using HD650's with Waves Abby Road + Sonarworks 4 + SubPac, and can confirm VSX is vastly superior. For me the KEY difference is in my ability to observe and influence phase relationships and u ...

- ELTee via Gearslutz

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“The Archon midfield is the star. And as a guy in London that doesn't need a car it sure is nice having one in my Headphones now to check the mixes. It's a keeper”

- Mannymac via Gearslutz

“I sold my dt pro 1990s after using them... Past week my mixes have been nailed on point and I made better decisions with less processing. These have been helping me out in a major way.”

- jksixfour via Reddit

“This is awesome!! I got mine on Saturday and took some time to listen to the references that I’ve been using for mixing my new album with to get to know the speakers and rooms more. They are wonderfu ...

- Kev P via Facebook

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“I’m Blown Away!!! The Game just got better for the Hundredairs in the World”

- Al C via Facebook

“VSX needs no improvement. The HD-Linear headphone model in VSX is worth the price of admission alone.”

- JfromRVA via Gearslutz

“Finally got to do my first full mix with VSX. I am truly blown away. I took it out to my car and for the first time I didn't feel like I had to fix anything. It played PERFECTLY”

- Andrew R via Facebook

“I mastered a full album just using VSX headphones and my monitors. Results surprised me + proves this software works. Client loved it.”

- Howie Weinberg

“I just spent the last 20 minutes with mine. Have to admit I cried a little. Amazing!”

- Dave C via Facebook

“These are my headphones of choice, I know exactly what they sound like. Wow. If I close my eyes, I would think these are my HD 650, period.”

- Fishnet Productions via YouTube

“It was beyond words!!!! I put on the NS-10s and was able to immediately hear issues with the high mids in my guitars and some ow mid honk in the drum reverb from the snare. I also found that the voca ...

- Anthony A via Facebook

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“It's clear that VSX delivers. My wife wanted to know what was so special about these Headphones. I let her listen to some of her favourite songs and she said she wanted a pair.”

- Camarimusic via Gearslutz

“I was VERY skeptical as well, as I never got along with NX/Abbey Road Studio. To me these don't sound fake, or phased, or forced...I think VSX ABSOLUTELY SHINES in the referencing/translation departm ...

- Antagonist via Gearslutz

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“I have been slowly saving and researching room treatment because my mixes have been absolutely not good! Wearing these which by the way feel like absolutely nothing even after hours of use! The sound ...

- @guitar_paradigm via Instagram

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“It's a really great system. This has definitely helped expose some areas in my mixes that need work. You won't regret the purchase 🙌🔥”

- Dannybyrne via Instagram

“After I used the VSX I uninstalled Sonarworks and put my HD650s in their case. Trust me this is the real deal”

- Cleon R via Facebook

“Just tried mine for the first time. Just, amazing!”

- @40sleeve via Instagram

“Absolutely amazing headphones from @steven_slate the VSX Headphones 🎧 by @slateaudio give you unbelievable Mixing in pro studios, cars, clubs, boomboxes, and more from anywhere in the world. Go get ...

- @808nokaoi.creations via Instagram

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“Yo... these things? Buy them immediately. I can’t think of a more useful product for mixing and even mastering music.”

- @BrimStudios via Twitter

“This product really exceeded my expectations.”

- Jesse S via Gearslutz

“Great product. Mixing classical voice/piano right now using these headphones and plugin. Brings up all frequency nuances. Perfectly reveals phasing issues between main pair and spot mics as well as s ...

- Mikhail S via Facebook

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“So a test I did yesterday with VSX. I found a track of mine. Just used the Luxury SUV emulation. The bass in my track sounded boomy, So I adjusted the bass so it isn't so boomy. I took 2 versions of ...

- Gerald G via Facebook

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“I virtually' moved into Archon glued to the Mid-fields. Steven try to evict me but I got squatter's rights!”

- JfromRVA via Gearslutz

“97. “I got @SlateProAudio VSX headphones yesterday, which are fine tuned with the studio/car/club emulation plugin for mixing or reference. Incredibly useful technology, I can't imagine mixing withou ...

- @steiniyagya via Twitter

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“I'm really appreciating the boombox emulation for setting vocal levels. I'm finding it easier than my real-life Avantone MixCube setup. I spent a while mixing on the Archon Midfields then the NS-10s; ...

- Hankmadison via Gearslutz

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“I gotta say... The VSX system is amazing...I was skeptical at first (like...really skeptical) but I just cannot deny the performance of these bad boys. Yes you CAN do GREAT mixes on them from start t ...

- ayn_prod via Instagram

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“Slate VSX Headphones .. WOW ! 🤩 Just got the new Slate Headphones 🎧 oh my days SO good ☺️ after 30 years as an artist and producer, it’s already added to my mixing levels. Take a bow Steven Slate!”

- Ian B via Facebook