I’m pleased to announce that VSX 4.0 is now available as a FREE UPDATE.  

IMPORTANT: VSX 4.0 can easily switch back to VSX 3.0 speaker models both globally in settings or individually by right clicking the speaker version number over the MODE buttons. This feature will be available in perpetuity.

Systemwide for Mac now available. PC coming in two weeks

Unparalleled 3D audio. Effortless mixing.

The most exciting 4.0 feature is that EVERY SPEAKER has been updated with our newest Binaural Perception Modeling techniques.

That means that the 3D experience is so realistic, you'll feel like you are in the actual studios.

Specifically, we made some interesting discoveries about how the human auditory system hears a direct sound from a source versus how it hears and perceives the reflections and resonances of the source in the room or environment.

From these new findings, we created new methods and tools to better replicate how we hear things in a real room.

So what does this do to the sound?

Well, whereas VSX 3.0 sounds like a model of a speaker AND a model of a room, VSX 4.0 sounds like a model of a speaker IN a room.

The speaker and room emulation are cohesive and integrated.

There are many advantages to these new methods that will benefit your mixing:

1. Clearer, more focused sound that has tons depth 

2. Much tighter lows with less sub resonances, so bass and kick are much easier to hear and mix

3. Incredibly accurate phantom center

4. Clearer and more precise transient response

5. No doubling effect from room reflections when soloing mix elements like vocals  

Some speakers in 4.0 have nearly the same frequency response as 3.0 and you’ll simply appreciate the more 3D tone and tighter bass.  However, some of them benefitted from these new methods in a way where their frequency response has much improved. They are flatter, less hyped, have truer low mids, and exhibit far more accurate low end... 

Several speakers were also redone from the ground, such as the speakers in the Howie Mastering Room. Again, if you liked the 3.0 versions, don't worry since they are always a click away. 

New Features

1. Apple Cellphone Speaker

Despite being very small, this speaker attempts to portray a rather wide bandwidth sound. It’s great at alerting you of balance problems.

2. Systemwide (Public Beta) for Mac and PC (In two weeks)

Now you can run VSX systemwide so that all of your system audio is run through the speaker emulations - no need to use the plugin. You can also listen to your favorite references right through the emulations.

3. Mini Mode

Easily minimize the plugin GUI to just the fave five giving you lots of screen real estate.

Ear Profile

As a reminder, the Ear Profile Slider is an important adjustment that compensates for the ear opening resonances that naturally occur. Smaller ear openings resonate upper midrange frequencies louder than larger openings. 

Ear Profile 1 will add MORE upper midrange for larger ear openings, and Profile 2 will REMOVE some upper midrange for smaller ear openings. VSX 4.0’s clarity makes it easier to hear the differences than 3.0. Ultimately, adjust this slider so that everything sounds clear, flat, and precise. You’ll especially notice the difference in vocal levels.

Let's talk lows

VSX 4.0 has tighter, more focused low end that sounds like it's coming from the speakers in front of you. This tighter, more accurate, and more resonance-free tone will make it far easier to mix your low end, and also make the mids and highs clearer and more defined. It'll especially make it easier to carve your bass and kick, as their decays won't be piling up on each other.

Jump In

If you are like most of the members of our beta team, it’ll take no time for you to appreciate the improved sound quality of VSX 4.0. But some may take some more time. Be patient, listen to your references, and things will quickly start making sense. Don’t be surprised if you hear some more details and need to tweak some things!


Our commitment to our customers is to never settle when it comes to our products. VSX aims to take out the guesswork in mixing and music production so you can be confident that your music will sound amazing, everywhere. We believe that VSX 4.0 will help you achieve those goals better than ever!

Happy Mixing!

Important Download Information Below.

Please read install directions carefully 👇

Download SSAC For Mac

Download SSAC For Windows

How To Install VSX 4.0

1. You'll need the latest version of Steven Slate Audio Center 3.10 to download VSX 4.0. Download and install the Newest Steven Slate Audio Center v3.10 installer above.

2. After opening Steven Slate Audio Center, log in using your Steven Slate Audio account credentials.

3. Select VSX from the available products.

4. Click the "Update" button and follow the installation instructions. 

5. Ensure the "Activate iLok license at the end of the installation" button is selected. This will unlock all available VSX rooms.

How To Install VSX Systemwide Beta(Mac now, PC coming in two weeks)

All VSX owners now have a new product in the Steven Slate Audio Center called “VSX Systemwide Beta”. 

2. To install VSX Systemwide Beta for mac, Click the “Install” button and follow the install instructions.

System Requirements for VSX Systemwide:

- Apple: macOS 11 (Big Sur) and up.

- PC (Coming in two weeks): Windows 10 Package 2 and up